Plumery B.V., Netherlands


Develop a website with a new interface using a convenient website management system. Make pages optimized for SEO search and fast loading.

& Architecture

Aliot analysts, in teamwork with the customer’s design department, made a plan for redesigning the website, and prescribed the required parameters and characteristics of the website at the design stage.

Design & Dev

In order for the main page of the website to look interesting and functional, we animated the process of the service provided by the client. So that each picture corresponds to a specific stage. Also on the page, there is a change of the image before / after, implemented by scrolling the page.

A blog management system and vacancies on the website have been developed for convenient content updates. All pages of the website have an adaptive layout, which was given special priority during development.

The work on the website was completed within the specified time frame, in accordance with all the wishes of the customer.

“Many thanks for your job. I really appreciate the collaboration.”